Workers Comp FAQFrequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pertain to our guidebook, Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers’ Comp Costs – Reduce Costs 20% to 50%.

Q. What’s so special about this book?
A. This book is written by a national expert on workers compensation cost containment with over 25 years experience in the industry. It is the only book of its kind that gives you a detailed, step-by-step program proven to reduce workers comp costs by 20% to 50%.


Q. How quickly can we get the books?
A. (1) Books can be delivered within 1-2 days with express shipping. (2) Customized books can be delivered within 5-7 days once artwork is delivered to us and the proof is accepted.


Q. Who uses this book?
A. The book is used by risk managers, safety directors, adjusters, vendors or service providers, human resources, brokers, or agents, doctors or medical clinics, attorneys, and producers, to help their company / clients save money on workers compensation.


Q. What size organizations use the guidebook?
A. Small businesses employ roughly half of the U.S. workforce. For smaller accounts like these, Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers Comp Costs will be of great value because they generally DO NOT QUALIFY for cost containment carrier services from their insurance companies as large national accounts do. Using our Guide as a training tool for Pre-Loss Planning and Post-Loss Implementation allows the smaller account to experience significant cost savings, giving them a more level playing field with larger employers.


Q. How would an attorney in a law practice use this book?
A. An attorney serving corporate clients, uses the book to help determine if clients have all procedures, called “best practices” in place by asking these questions:
Are they using the right injury reporting forms? Is your client’s third-party administrator employing best practices? Are all claims properly investigated?
An attorney representing an injured worker will understand the system from the employer’s perspective. This may help improve injury prevention, obtain a suitable modified duty job for your client, and help you request more appropriate treatment.


Q. How does a broker or agent use the book?
A. The manual is helpful to show clients how to set up a workers’ compensation process at their facilities. Use it as a field guide or lesson plan, sitting down with your clients to discuss various elements of an injury management program.


Q. How can a doctor or medical clinic use the book?
A. If you know what a company needs to reduce their costs, your medical practice can be enhanced by providing return to work documentation that includes all the information an employer needs to place an employee into a modified duty program. Let your clients know you want to be proactive in helping them reduce their costs, providing excellent quality medical care at a fair price.


Q. How can a vendor or service provider use the book?
A. By purchasing multiple copies of this book, with your logo, you can cut the amount of work you need to do in half. It is simple – show your clients how to use and follow the book as a training manual and you will be assured they can use your services effectively. For example, if you provide safety training, the book describes the basics and you teach them the finer details.


Q. What is the book used for?
A. The book is used by companies as a “field guide” and as a training tool for every level of workers compensation management – from beginner to seasoned professional. There’s something for almost every risk professional:

  1. It is used by agents, brokers, carriers, and service providers as a commercial marketing tool. It acts as a HUGE BUSINESS CARD that stays on the clients’ desks forever. It has a very long shelf life.
  2. The book is provided to all conference attendees as a high-end, substantive promotional tool.
  3. It is provided by carriers, brokers, and claims administrators to clients with workers’ compensation problems at stewardship meetings or any meetings where workers’ compensation issues are discussed.
  4. It is provided by insurance companies, brokers and TPAs to prospective clients so the prospect knows the new company is more proactive than the incumbent carrier, broker or TPA.
  5. The customized versions, are provided as a marketing piece to show clients the range of techniques that can be used to reduce their workers compensation costs.


Q. How is it different from the US Chamber of Commerce’s Analysis of Workers Compensation Laws?
A. The books are sometimes confused with each other. This book is very different from the Chamber book. The chamber book is a great tool that summarizes the work comp laws in each state, but it will not help you reduce your costs. The Workers Compensation Manual details a step-by-step proven system for reducing workers compensation costs, but it won’t help you understand the individual state laws. The books work well together!


Q. Can this book be used for training?
A. (1) YES! This book was designed with training in mind. It includes a timetable and facilitators agenda, and can be used like a lesson plan. (2) The book also references many other useful forms to help you in your quest to cost costs. These additional forms (over 60 of them!) can be purchased as part of a separate stand-alone product called the “Workers Comp Kit”. For details, email Merri Bastone at Advisen.


Q. Why do we need this book when a claims department professional could write a similar book about workers comp cost containment?
A. Claim professionals might be able to write a similar book, but they are too busy helping clients resolve difficult claim issues and responding to RFPs. Our book is already available and it is designed as a hands-on manual for claims professionals to take into the field as a proven and independent industry-standard lesson plan. Claims professionals can use our guidebook to help educate clients on various cost containment techniques and to reinforce concepts such as proactive employee communications and return to work programs. A custom branded version of the book can also be given to clients as a frequently-used desktop reference tool that will keep your company or agency top-of-mind.


Q. How often is the book updated?
A. The book is updated annually. We attend conferences, and also tour insurance companies, claims adjusting operations and vendors to learn more about each type of service. We learn new techniques working with clients. The industry is constantly developing and new issues are continuously causing challenges to the cost of workers’ compensation.


Q. What’s the difference between versions of the book – comprehensive & mini-book?
A. (1) The comprehensive book is a 200 page manual detailing how to reduce workers compensation costs by 20 – 50%. The mini-book is an 18-page summary outline of the comprehensive manual. (2) The comprehensive manual is most often used by the workers compensation coordinator, while the mini books are given to division leaders, or clients and prospects. This allows the division leaders/clients/prospects to call up the coordinator for more in-depth information.


Q. Do you have an e-book?
A. Yes, our 2014 editions will be available in print and ebook format.


Q. Who prepares the artwork for custom covers (front, back)?
A. We customize the front and back covers to YOUR branding. If you prefer, we can use artwork created by your graphic or communications department. It is a HUGE BUSINESS CARD that will stay on your client’s desk forever so we strive for perfection!


Q. What is the value of this book as a promotional tool?
A. The book is custom branded to YOUR company. It acts as a HUGE BUSINESS CARD that may stay on an adjusters or employers desk forever. It has a high scoring mean readership time and is referenced over and over. It also has substantial pass around value to others around the office. This means that the book is in constant use and your branding will be viewed many times.


Q. What kind of savings can I expect when implementing the cost containment techniques described in the book?
A. All of our author’s clients have saved 20%-50% when taking all recommendations and suggestions.


Q. How fast will I see savings?
A. Depending on how closely you follow the techniques in the book and the type of insurance plan (self-insurance, deductible, guaranteed cost) savings will be recognized at different times. Self-insured companies, or those with a deductible will see immediate savings as they are retaining all or a portion of each loss and those amounts will go down rapidly. A company with a guaranteed cost plan will see savings over time as these premiums are calculated on a three-year rolling average thus “bad years” roll out of the premium calculation year by year.


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